Pittsburg woman killed in Missouri crash was on way to funeral

Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 2:20 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KLTV) - A Pittsburg woman who was killed in a wrong-way crash last week was on her way to a funeral for a woman killed in a crash days earlier.

Sharon Farmer, 69, of Pittsburg, Ukena Farmer, 45, of Dallas, and Stephen Figgins, 61, of Missouri City, died in the crash. According to sister station KY3, the three were family members and traveling with other family members who were injured in the crash.

A driver who called 911 about the wrong-way driver, Lamech Alexander, was almost in the middle of the crash.

Lamech said he was seconds away from being hit until Steven Jordan swerved out of the way at the last second and crashed head-on with the other car.

“I almost, I guess you can call it survivor’s guilt. I almost kind of wish he just stayed in my lane,” said Alexander. “So we’re talking about one person, critically injured or killed instead of an SVU full of eight people.”

Alexander said he was taking a joyride early Friday morning.

“There were headlights on the highway,” said Alexander. “I remember thinking to myself, that weird, that’s a car is being towed, they have the headlights on.”

Seconds later, he said he realized a driver was coming at him.

“They swerved last second and ran head on into the SUV,” said Alexander. “They hit their brakes. I didn’t hear any honking, really.”

Police said Jordan may have been drunk. Police arrived quickly, and he saw the aftermath.

“Pulling bodies out of the SUV, it’s something that won’t leave my memory, the actual crash itself and the noise it made,” said Alexander. “I almost wish it was me instead.”

Friday’s crash wasn’t the first wrong-way one this year. Another one on I-44 in early January hurt six people.

Alexander said after this, he has a different outlook on life.

“I want to appreciate what I have more and try to take things more seriously now because of it,” said Alexander. “That was just a slap in the face reminder that life is serious and it’s not always fun.”

A member of Sharon Farmer's family says she lost her mother in a car crash just two days earlier, and now the family is overwhelmed.