City of Jacksonville revamps trash pick-up services to keep neighborhoods clean

The City of Jacksonville is revamping their trash collection services as part of a strategic map adopted by the city a year ago.
Published: Dec. 28, 2022 at 6:00 PM CST

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Some East Texas residents are upset over changes to trash pick-up services in their town.

Jacksonville Assistant City Manager ReNissa Wade spoke about these changes.

“Each and every customer will have a dedicated cart that is the same size, the same look, the same standard, and that’s because we’re using automated systems to come through and collect the trash,” said Wade.

The City of Jacksonville is revamping their trash collection services. Wade said this contract is part of a strategic map adopted by the city a year ago.

“It’s helping to beautify neighborhoods by creating cleanliness, and it keeps the rodents and the dogs from getting into the trash,” she said.

Wade said it also protects the city’s infrastructure by keeping trash and debris from going into the storm water system. Additionally, she said it promotes health and wellness safety for workers collecting trash.

The city has been with Republic Services since 2019, and according to Wade, that contract has a 3% price adjustment built in every year -- regardless of the changes.

“When citizens are seeing the increase on their bill, it’s important for them to note that that increase is not associated with the new cart but just associated with the service, period.”

Wade said every resident will receive one trash cart for free. Additional carts are available at $4 a month.

Although several Jacksonville residents who didn’t want to speak on camera support the changes, citizen Cindy Newland said she does not support the added cost of renting additional trash cans.

“It’s not just me who happens to be blessed enough where it’s not going to kill me; it’s your grandmother, it’s your grandmother on a very limited, fixed income, especially when gas has fluctuated, when medications have gone up so much, so it can be significant,” Newland said.

Trash pick up will continue to run twice a week on an alternating schedule.