SPCA provides toys and attention to animals needing homes this Christmas

Published: Dec. 25, 2022 at 1:40 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - It’s just one of the careers that goes on 365 days a year, that’s animal caretaking. While many people were at home celebrating Christmas today, a few staff members and a volunteer with the SPCA of East Texas were spending time with their dogs.

Like any other day for staff and volunteers at the SPCA of East Texas, it was spent cleaning kennels, bowls, and bedding. It’s Director of Operations, Kat Cortelyou’s fifth or sixth Christmas with the dogs. She said they have 20 dogs at their holding facility.

“Animal care came in and made sure that they’re all cleaned and walked, and fed and watered. Now they’re in there just kind of interacting with them, like any other day, to make sure that they’re getting the attention that they need,” Cortelyou said.

The dogs all got new collars and bones for Christmas. Ashlyn is an Animal Care Technician. She said her family did Christmas early this year when she was off, since she works Christmas.

“I got here at 7 a.m. and I immediately started feeding everybody and then started cleaning, and I’ve been cleaning all morning,” Ashlyn said. “Usually in the afternoon is when I get to start taking everybody out to play and play with them and everything. Make sure they get outside.”

Getting outside was an exciting part of the day for most of the dogs, especially since the sun was out and it was warmer than the last few days. Cortelyou said once they got word of the cold weather, the calls started coming in.

“People trying to surrender animals, people that are worried about animals that may be tied up next door and that kind of thing. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty big, high intake days for us,” Cortelyou said. “We were out of room but we just squeezed and pushed and we made as much room as we could and took in as many animals as we could.”

At their Snippet Clinic they have 14 puppies from one litter they took in on Friday and another litter of nine puppies that came in Thursday, as well as several other dogs that are there for different medical reasons.

“It’s just a good feeling knowing that you’re helping these animals in East Texas that may have frozen to death if not,” Cortelyou said.

As of Sunday, the SPCA said that one of the litters of puppies will be transported up north to a rescue.