TxDOT breaks ground for $170 million relief route in Corrigan

TxDOT breaks ground for $170 million relief route in Corrigan
Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 8:28 PM CST
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POLK COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - For a small town of 1,500 people, Corrigan has big city traffic.

Corrigan City Manager Darrian Hudman says the city wants to attract people to it, but the regular traffic jams that go out a couple miles outside city limits might not be what city officials have in mind.

The traffic lengthens the drive for commuters and has been a headache for the community for decades according to Hudman.

“I got a little frustrated today trying to get out over by the bank,” Hudman said. “I mean there was probably 15 trucks that cam through the red light.”

Traffic woes are caused by a single red light in town at the intersection of U.S. 59 and 289. With U.S. 59 being a major route for commuters between Lufkin and Livingston, traffic can get so out of hand that officers sometimes have to come and direct traffic according to Hudman.

“I don’t know if everybody knows this but we’re the first red light out of Houston,” Hudman said. “It’s pretty significant.”

But TxDOT is aiming to remedy the problem with a $172.8 million Corrigan Relief Route that broke ground Dec. 5.

The seven-mile project includes an overpass that will run above Corrigan, bypassing the town and giving relief to commuters and the community from the constant traffic jams.

Hudman warns that before it gets better however, the community should expect to see me delays and congestion.

“Fortunately Diboll right now has a couple of red lights in their town and it spaces out the traffic a little bit,” Hudman said.

But Diboll is expected to finish up their relief route long before Corrigan’s, which is expected to take six years before it’ll be ready for commuters and taking pressure off the community.