Kitchen Pickin’: Steph wants that!

Tupperware, Fire King, Pampered Chef and more.
Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 5:47 PM CST
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EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - We keep waiting for the garage sale season to end, but there are just enough sales each week to keep us busy, which is a good thing for East Texas Kitchen Pickin’.

Texas A&M mugs

These are plastic with holes on the bottom.
These are plastic with holes on the bottom.(KLTV)

Jeff: Whoop! Yeah, I’m still hooked on coffee mugs. I’m just instantly attracted to them and I just thought these were so clean and cool. East Texas Now’s Jeremy G. Butler noticed a small hole in the bottom of them. It’s because the double-walled mugs need a path for expanded air to escape when a hot drink is poured inside.

Steph: These mugs are small, probably 5 ounces or so, and are made of double-wall plastic. They are pristine. I love the idea of making an A&M gift basket with them!

Tupperware canisters

Research shows these are from the 1970s.
Research shows these are from the 1970s.(KLTV)

Jeff: These are 1298-4 and have a four-cup capacity. I was really interested in the color because of the vintage look. I really hadn’t seen much with that kind of look and they are in great shape. Research shows this lime-green set is from the 1970s.

Steph: These lime green canisters are from Tupperware’s Servalier line. They’re lime (or apple?) green. These lids are often called sunburst lids, and I don’t know whether that’s what they’re officially called or just a description that caught on over the years. They’re very easy to seal, which is the reason for the design. These are in great shape!

Milky white Fire King

Steph says the small dishes are called ramekins.
Steph says the small dishes are called ramekins.(KLTV)

Jeff: I’d forgotten Steph likes this color! I do, too, and I thought these were really cool. I got a dish and five small bowls for 10 dollars. I thought that was a good deal but these dishes aren’t worth much more than that. But Steph loves them so we had a funny moment on the show. She told me “I may have to talk to you about these after the show.” I joked that I can’t give her something on every show (like I did last week). Steph responded “Oh no, I’ll pay for them.” Oops! Steph and I are both suckers for Fire King.

Steph: Definitely, we are suckers for Fire King. For me, it’s the white and the jadeite green, and these little ramekins and the 8x8 baking dish are really useful, they’re not just pretty. I’m so glad you brought them so I could take them off your hands!

Pampered Chef oil and vinegar servers

Pampered Chef is another BOLO.
Pampered Chef is another BOLO.(KLTV)

Jeff: These are nice and sleek and could last a really long time with some good cleaning. Pampered Chef is one I always look for. Just a good tip: if you can’t figure out what something is, use the Google app on your phone. You can take a picture of an item and figure out exactly what you’re looking at.

Steph: These are called dripless oil and vinegar servers. Coming from a woman who raised three sons, dripless is a good thing! Nice find. They are very modern and minimal looking.

Minute Maid pitcher

I think my love for the Astros, who play at Minute Maid Park, persuaded me to get this.
I think my love for the Astros, who play at Minute Maid Park, persuaded me to get this.(KLTV)

Jeff: This is big, awkward and gaudy but fun. It’s got a type of churn you can use to stir up the pulp of your orange juice. As Steph pointed out, the branding is really cool. I think I subconsciously swayed to this because my favorite baseball team, the Houston Astros, play at Minute Maid Park. It’s funny now how after just about six months of yard sale picking, I’m developing an eye for something that can sell.

Steph: I really do think my mom had one of these or something similar. Probably a giveaway item from the company if you bought so much OJ from them and sent in bar codes or something. I miss doing that back in the day. It was always fun as a kiddo to expect something new in the mail that you saved up for.

Maw sure loves her coffee cup
Maw sure loves her coffee cup(East Texas Kitchen/Mama Steph)

Jeff: I’d have picked this up in a second! Steph brought a mug (still addicted!) that honors Grandma and is just so fun. And it’s in really great condition. I can’t believe it could be 60 years old!

Steph: This was so funny that I had to grab it when I spotted it for a couple bucks at the Hwy 80 sale. When I search online for similar ones it says they were made in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and they refer to them as hillbilly cups, and they were just made for fun. It cracks me up that they made this elegantly shaped cup with gold leaf trim and then put this old country woman on it with her fishin’ pole and coffee. Just adorable. It proves once again that you never know what you will find when you go pickin’!

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