Kitchen Pickin’: Jeff has a surprise for Mama Steph

Pyrex and Tupperware are a couple of the names this week.
Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 6:21 PM CST
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EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Garage sale season is over but the picks keep coming for Jeff. This week, he found a BOLO for Steph and surprised her with it live on the show.


This is only one of two pieces of the Pyrex butter dish.
This is only one of two pieces of the Pyrex butter dish.(KLTV)

Jeff: I always look at Pyrex and this was just 50 cents. The top part of this is also glass. But the heavy discount makes these pieces of a set a pretty good pickup. Someone else has the other half for sale if you’re looking to buy or they’re looking for the piece you’re willing to sell.

Steph: I like that this butter dish (and the lid, wherever it is in the world) is made of clear glass. Apparently it was made around 1980, so it’s rather surprising it isn’t some bold color, really. I love the simplicity of the clear glass and the depth of the dish so the butter doesn’t slide around. I bet you’ll find a matching lid somewhere soon.

Fire King bowl

This same bowl will join a set of five.
This same bowl will join a set of five.(KLTV)

Jeff: This same bowl made an appearance on Pickin’ at the beginning of October. I believe I had a set of five so this makes a nice even number of six.

Steph: Can’t go wrong with Fire King! Love this color.

Corningware mugs

Jeff got a set of 24 of these.
Jeff got a set of 24 of these.(KLTV)

Jeff: This estate sale had 24 of these for $1.50. No-brainer. I’m glad I took a second look at them because they’re Corning brand. They’re a really pretty blue and just had a very slick look.

Steph: I like this color of blue a lot, as does Devyn. I love the shape of the handle, too. Very comfortable and classic. I see one of these listed on Etsy as a 1970s cup and it’s priced at $16.99. If that’s it’s actual value, this was a really good pick.

Nordicware bowls

These plastic bowls are pretty sturdy.
These plastic bowls are pretty sturdy.(KLTV)

Jeff: Mrs. Awtrey picked up these bowls. I had never heard of Nordicware. They’re a company based out of Minnesota and began in 1946. These are a really hard plastic and I bet they can last a couple lifetimes.

Steph: I look at these and picture a kiddo enjoying some ice cream out of one of them. They’re so colorful and fun! The colors remind me of Fiesta’s dishes.

Sears China set

These are from the 1940s and have been passed down from three generations.
These are from the 1940s and have been passed down from three generations.(KLTV)

Jeff: This was a fun story. Steph inherited this from her husband’s great-grandmother. These are part of a larger set that have been handed out amongst all the descendants.

Steph: Yes, this is Harmony House Mount Vernon, a pattern made by Hall China from 1949 to 1961. It was made in Liverpool, Ohio, specifically to sell at Sears. My husband’s great grandmother owned the set of these, and they’ve been distributed to several of us younger ladies over the years. I have these saucers and bowls, as well as the gravy boat, which I love. I use it at every holiday meal. It’s so special to keep those family memories going!

Tupperware lettuce crisper

It's pretty cool this had all three pieces.
It's pretty cool this had all three pieces.(KLTV)

Jeff: Steph told me a long time ago to get this for her if I ever saw it. It has a load of sentimental value because her mother had the same thing. I’ve been watching for it this whole time and I finally found it! I was so excited when I found it and I texted Mrs. Awtrey and she was excited, too. I had been planning all these months to make it a surprise on our show and it worked perfectly. I bought this Friday and it’s been really hard to wait five days to present this to Steph but it was well worth it. It’s really funny how the first time Steph and I went on a sale together, she not only found the same-colored colander, but it had the lid. And now I’ve found this crisper and it had all three pieces.

Steph: Jeff really totally surprised me with this one! I know it may seem silly to some people to be sentimental over a lettuce crisper, but this is a piece that, like the matching colander, I associate strongly with working with my mom in our kitchen growing up. We cooked together hundreds of times, and I made more salads than I can count using that crisper she had. So having one just like it sort of feels like she’s in my kitchen now, even though she’s gone. I was so happy to see that come out today. Thank you, Jeff! I’m so excited that you found the complete set.