Canton’s Q & Brew restaurant starts rebuilding process after September fire

Canton’s Q & Brew restaurant starts rebuilding process after September fire
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 8:23 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 21, 2022 at 10:54 PM CST

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Q & Brew in Canton is finally able to start the rebuilding process after a devastating fire that happened in September.

“Wait and be patient, because the insurance company said until we’re done with the investigations you can’t touch any of this,” says general partner of Silver Spur Resort, Jack Woodward.

Q & Brew at the Silver Spur Resort in Canton was heavily damaged by a fire in late September. The cause is still not known.

Woodward tells us that they have been in a holding pattern since the fire. However, he says they were finally cleared by the insurance company to start demolition. They started cleaning out the inside last week. He says they hope to install roof trusses by the end of next week.

“The brewery ... we’ve already started and we’re hoping to be brewing beer again in three weeks, which is good,” says Woodward. “So, we got a jump on that, but now it’s a lot of demolition, a lot of dirty work and then we’ll start rebuilding next week.”

Woodward says that with this challenge comes a new opportunity that they are embracing for the better.

“You get that opportunity of ‘if only I had done this, next time I would do this’ ... well, we have that chance.”

He says they are excited to open their patio, which was delayed due to the fire. The layout of the restaurant will also be redesigned to allow food to get out quicker.

Woodward says employees are ready to get back to work and the restaurant is missed by guests, as well.

“The resort is missing the excitement of having the restaurant on site,” says Woodward. “I was surprised how many travelers came here and were almost heartbroken that their favorite restaurant wasn’t here.”

He says due to supply chain issues, the main electrical switch gear they need is on backorder.

“It should look like a restaurant by spring, and then can we open? That’s an issue with some ordering and a few logistical items,” says Woodward.

Q & Brew says they hope to be operational again by April 1.