Hamptons of Tyler holds Veterans Day celebration, pinning 41 veterans in attendance

Friday, the Hamptons of Tyler assisted living facility paid tribute to the veterans who live there.
Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 6:12 PM CST

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Friday, the Hamptons of Tyler assisted living facility paid tribute to the veterans who live there.

“This was very, very nice, the girls — the ladies — put it together nicely, and I think everyone enjoyed it,” said resident Blake Wilson.

Veterans Day was celebrated in full swing as a room full of people gathered for an eventful lineup of patriotic events.

Wilson served six years in the U.S. Army, starting in 1963. When he got out in 1969, he had reached the rank of staff sergeant. He was trained as a radio mechanic and a supply sergeant.

41 U.S. flag pins were ceremoniously given out to veterans in attendance, recognizing their service.

Wilson said the flag pin holds special significance.

“Well, it represents this country and all...all that we’re about, really,” said Wilson. “So, it was very special, as is the flag, and we should celebrate it more than we do.”

Army ROTC cadets at Tyler High, Linda Uncueta and John Serna, were invited to the Hamptons to conduct a flag and taps ceremony.

Uncueta plans to join the U.S. Marines after she graduates.

“You know, I’m just really honored that they were there to serve America — just fight for the country,” said Uncueta.

Serna plans to attend the Air Force Academy to train to be a pilot.

He said this is a huge opportunity and is a small way for them to show respect to those who sacrificed for this country.

“It’s a big honor to serve in front of them, just to [do] something small, because they have sacrificed so much for us. It’s a great feeling to serve the community — our local vets,” said Serna.

Wilson said their family has a legacy of military service, with three generations serving in different branches.

As his two sons and daughter were preparing to go into the military, he told them, “You’re going to be joining a fraternity that you’re going to for the rest of your life, regardless of where you go, when you find someone who has been in the military, you have camaraderie, you have something to talk about, you have something to be thankful for,” said Wilson.