Orphaned before the age of 10, Sandra keeps fierce spirit alive as she awaits a forever family

Sandra gives big laugh discussing LIFE win against Erika.
Sandra gives big laugh discussing LIFE win against Erika.(Source: KLTV Staff)
Published: Oct. 19, 2022 at 6:02 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Browsing the wide selection of games at Boards and Bites Cafe in Tyler, Sandra, 14, took very little time landing on the game of Life.

She confidently set up the board, spinner and all it’s pieces while briefly explaining the rules to us with a kind and fierce demeanor.

Right off the bat, Sandra took the college route and quickly got landed a career. It’s something she tells us she’s excited to do for herself one day.

“I want to do hair design and makeup designs and a lot of other stuff,” Sandra said.

While adoption wasn’t on the board, having a family of her own is priority number one for this high school freshman. Sandra told us she became an orphan before the age of ten. Her dad was one of the closest people in her life.

“My dad... he cared for me a lot. He gave me whatever I wanted. My dad was respectful and caring for me. So when I was sad, he cuddled me and he cared about me.”

As for her future family, she often dreams about parents who will love her for the young lady she’s become.

“To be respectful... to love and care about who I am, love who I am being,” said Sandra.

Sandra has an infectious spirit and an even bigger heart. During our interview, we all found ourselves laughing over the smallest things. That carries over into the woman she hopes to be as an adult.

“I’m going to be loving and wealthy because if someone is homeless... I’m going to provide for them,” Sandra explained with a smile.

Now, she’s ready for the place she can call “home” forever.

To learn more about Sandra, click here, to view her profile and caseworker contact information on the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange. TARE ID: 88060