Rice Elementary Read-A-Thon winners receive literacy bus experience

Rice Elementary Read-A-Thon winners receive literacy bus experience
Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 10:23 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - After reading the most minutes out of the whole school, a class of second graders at Tyler’s Rice Elementary school won their annual Read-A-Thon challenge.

In just two weeks, the second grade winners read a total of 25,074 minutes. All that reading happened at school.

Along with the win, the class got a chance to climb aboard the Tyler ISD Literacy Bus. The bus is filled with books on shelves, as well as reading space for kids to enjoy.

We spoke with one of the winners, Nolan, who shared what reading means to him. “To me it means for me to get smarter because it (Literacy Bus) makes reading more exciting and make us want to do it more.”

The Read-A-Thon fundraiser began September 21 through October 5. Rice Elementary was able to raise $32,000 which will go back to the school and benefit the students.

Rice Elementary Principal John Smiley said, “The biggest thing is, Read-A-Thon is all about getting the kids reading, getting them interested in literacy. We raised money which is a good thing, but that’s a by-product. The main focus is to just getting them reading.”

“I think it develops healthy habits and discipline and trying to get reading minutes in, in the school day and um that sticks with them and hopefully develops a love for reading that will last a lifetime.” said Taylor Russell, the fall fundraiser coach chair at Rice Elementary.

And the students didn’t leave that bus empty handed. They all took home their own book, selected during their time on the Literacy Bus.

Russell also tells us the whole Rice Elementary school read a total of 392,791 minutes in just two weeks.