ETX Kitchen on ETX NOW: Oktoberfest with Brigitta’s

Mama Steph and Mike from Brigitta's Hungarian Restaurant create the perfect Oktoberfest feast! In this part, find out how to make jaeger sauce and sauteed mushr
Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 9:41 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 27, 2022 at 11:19 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - In preparation for Oktoberfest, we thought we’d invite our friend Mike Chubboy from Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant in Kilgore to teach Mama Steph how to make some of his favorite staple recipes. He showed her how to make a beautiful chicken schnitzel, brats cooked with sauerkraut, and more!

Mike’s recipe for German Potato Salad:

5 lb Red Potato

2 b Smoked bacon

1 med Yellow onion

1 cup White Vinegar

4 tbsp Spicy Mustard

2 tbsp Salt

1 pinch Pepper

12 oz Bread & Butter Pickles


Cut red potatoes into 1″ to 2″ cubes, keep all relatively same size, put in pot to bring to a boil, then simmer 6 minutes, add 1″ tbsp salt during simmering, drain then set aside, keeping warm.

Cut bacon into 1′ squares, pan fry till crispy, then set aside.

Cut onion into 1′ squares, sautee in fat from bacon until translucent, then add all mustard and vinegar, then set aside, keeping warm.

Coarse dice all bread & butter pickles.

Now, all your components are ready.

Now taste your potato for saltiness. Add dash of salt as you go along. Mix all your onion sauce into the potatoes. Again taste for saltiness. Add dash of salt or vinegar accordingly.

Now add all the coarse diced pickles. Taste for overall presentation. Ask someone else to taste. Usually a little more salt. But your taste should be balanced between saltiness, sourness of the vinegar and the tanginess of the pickles. Once satisified, add your bacon, mix well and serve warm.

Goes great with brats, sausages, stuffed cabbage, pork items...and frankly many people eat it as a stand alone item.

Part 2: Mama Steph and Mike create the perfect Oktoberfest feast! In this part, find out how to make chicken jaeger schnitzel. (Don’t see the video? Click here.)

Jager sauce:

2 Cups of your beef stock

4 Tbsps of brown gravy powder

Salt to taste

2 tbsps salted butter

1/2 lb whole white mushrooms, quartered


1. With salted butter, melted, place your quartered mushrooms in pot and cover. Turn heat on high for 60 seconds. Turn heat off if gas stove. If electric stove remove pot from heat. Wait 2 minutes and gently stir. Repeat. Check for mushrooms letting moisture go. Repeat once more if necessary. Lightly salt and stir.

2. With 2 cups of your beef stock, bring to a simmer. Then slowly add your gravy powder, constantly stirring until everything is blended. Add powder until stock thickens.

3. For presentation, lay a generous mound of mushrooms on your meal then add the sauce. Enjoy

Part 3: Mama Steph and Mike create the perfect Oktoberfest feast! In this part, find out how to make brats simmered in sauerkraut. (Don’t see the video? Click here.)