Jury sentences Longview man who killed woman to life in prison

Thursday, the court heard from witnesses who described violent behavior exhibited by McCuller.
Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 1:58 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - A Gregg County jury has sentenced a Longview man who beat a woman with a hammer before she died to life in prison.

The sentencing phase of the trial for a man convicted of killing a woman in January 2021 began Thursday.

Joshua Ross McCuller, 40, of Longview, was found guilty Wednesday of the murder of social worker Lori Follis.

Thursday, the court heard from witnesses who described violent behavior exhibited by McCuller.

First on the stand was Jail Nursing Supervisor Treba Garvin. Garvin has administered medication to McCuller. Garvin said McCuller is polite, appropriate and knows how to behave, but he has had inappropriate documents about a nurse.

Another witness, former deputy at the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office, Cameron Burns, said McCuller attacked a small, weak inmate in jail.

Family Nurse Practitioner Michelle Tucker testified that she worked at the Magnolia Behavioral Hospital, which no longer exists. Tucker said McCuller was at the behavioral hospital and at one point had Tucker in a head lock and threatened to kill her.

Witness Rachel Harrington is a counselor at Community Healthcore and the adult outpatient program manager. She diagnosis but can’t give medication. She testified that she supervised McCuller’s case workers. She said McCuller has sexual sadism and schizoaffective disorder. She said McCuller has been with Healthcore for many years, even prior to 2008.

Harrington was on McCuller’s “top 5″ list. Her name appeared multiple times in McCuller’s journals and McCuller has threatened to kill her. McCuller also left her an inappropriate voicemail because she wouldn’t answer her phone. Harrington said Follis was McCuller’s case worker from 2010-2015.