Carthage church sends care packages to Ukrainian refugee children

The boxes were then sent off after they were blessed.
The boxes were then sent off after they were blessed.(Sariah Bonds)
Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 5:32 PM CDT
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CARTHAGE, Texas (KLTV) - As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, members of First Baptist Church in Carthage were inspired to send more than 100 shoe boxes filled with goodies to the refugee children of Ukraine.

“We’re trying to reassure them that there is more to life than the tragedy that they are facing,” said Tyler Webb.

Tyler Webb joined First Baptist Church this past summer and has been to every Sunday service ever since.

For the past five years, the Baptist Missionary Headquarters Association of America has sent 10,000 boxes full of goodies to children in different countries all around the world.

This year, First Baptist Church in Carthage was inspired to join in on the shoe box ministry called Everlasting Smiles where they wrapped at least 100 shoe boxes.

“We have ping pong paddles, tennis balls, squishy balls, light up balls that was for the guys for the girls. We have coloring books, some dolls and just various different things,” says Webb.

Carol Cain has volunteered at First Baptist Church for 18 years.

“They will go actually to the country of Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic where these children have fled to,” said Carol Cain. “We have a special place in our heart for the Ukraine people because we support missionaries in the Ukraine, and they have been in our church before.”

The boxes were prepared on Saturday, placed down on the altar to form a cross to be prayed over the next day during Sunday’s worship service. They were then sent off to the missionaries within Poland, Romania, and Czech Republic.

The First Baptist Church members started gathering supplies, money, and shopping for the boxes a month ago.

Barbara Speer is a church volunteer who works directly with their missionary headquarters.

“We’ll ship ‘em out the first of October and hopefully they’ll get there before Christmas and if not I’m sure the children will enjoy it even if it is after Christmas,” said Speer.

There is a trip planned in January that some members of The first Baptist church will be traveling to Romania to further help the Ukrainian refugees.

Cain says that the church members may pass out the gifts in Romania if the gifts have not been distributed to the children by January.