Canton’s First Monday Trade Days open for September despite flooding two weeks prior

Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 10:27 AM CDT

CANTON, Texas (KLTV) - Almost two weeks ago rain water rushed through the land and building at Canton’s First Monday Trade Days. This weekend was the September show for vendors following the flood that came through Aug. 22.

“As soon as we opened the doors, product went flying down the creek. It was pretty devastating,” said Amy Mitchell, the owner of Simplicity on Row 46. She said the week of Aug. 22 they had eight people working to get the mess from flooding cleaned up.

“Getting everything out, spraying and power-washing and scraping mud, and cleaning products. It’s really detailed, it was a lot of effort,” she said.

They have most things risen off the ground but this time, the waters were so powerful, they washed lots of product away. Just up the row from their building, co-owners Tina Hodges and Brianna Mckinley spent hours cleaning up so they could be ready for this weekend.

“We had mud about four inches thick in our entire booth. Water was over the pallets, all the clothes, all the shoes, everything was just in a mangled mess,” Hodges said.

Shoppers this weekend may not even know the extent of damage because everyone teamed up to get the venue cleaned up.

“Unless we’ve really told the people from out of town they really don’t even have an idea of what this actually went through. What, everything just to be open,” Hodges said.

“It’s crazy that everyone is still here and this is even possible for everything that we went through,” McKinley added.

Canton City Manager Lonny Cluck said they are in a low area but this is one of the worst floods he’s seen here.

“And it’s prone to flooding so when we get a heavy rain like that we do get flooding. We got a creek that runs through the middle of it,” Cluck said. “I hate to say this, we’re accustomed to and we know how to clean it up, usually two to three days we get it cleaned back up and ready to go.”

We’re told the businesses were able to leave piles of trash and debris outside their space and the city came through and helped clear it all up.