Canton father, son share sweet 13-year back-to-school tradition

This week was the end of the tradition, but the start of future traditions.
Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 4:30 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 19, 2022 at 4:34 PM CDT
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CANTON, Texas (KLTV) - Jesse Potts of Canton and his son Jacob have a “sweet” tradition.

Every year after the first day of school, Jesse picks up Jacob and takes him to the Dairy Queen in Canton for a Blizzard.

From kindergarten to senior year of high school, Jesse and Jacob sat in the same seats, ordered the same treats, and bonded over a Blizzard.

“I get a Butterfinger Blizzard and he gets an M&M Blizzard,” Jesse Potts said. He laughed when asked what the table talk is like and said, “It’s me kind of taking it in, and him just eating.”

Jesse knew he wanted to start this with his son because he grew up with the same tradition with his mother.

“It was just always special to me. It was something I was always looking forward to on the first day of school; it was just a tradition,” Potts said.

Potts said the table at the end has seen everything, from haircuts styled by Jacob himself in first grade to many new sports. “We had to take him to the barber shop and give him a buzzcut,” Potts said, thinking back. But, the memories also include Jacob “playing football, and baseball, and basketball,” and everything in-between up until Wednesday, when Jacob had his first day of senior year.

When looking at the 13 pictures side-by-side, Potts said, “He barely looks like the same person. It’s fun too; I’m really lucky to have this.”

As a father, Potts said, “It’s much more special to me than it is to him. Hopefully, eventually, he’ll carry on the same thing with his kid, and he’ll see what it meant to me.”

Jesse said the blizzards started at a time when the duo needed bonding the most. “His mother and I had just gotten divorced, and it was kind of a tumultuous time....It was a good time. There weren’t a lot of good times during that, but that was a good time.”

Area Coach John Goebel has worked at Dairy Queen for 20 years. “We can watch these kids come in at knee high, and then come all the way up to where he is now, graduating high school,” Goebel said.

This week was the end of the tradition, but the start of future traditions.

“I’ll be bringing my three-year-old here when he starts school, and we’ll start that again,” Potts said. When asked if Jacob will join, “Oh yeah, absolutely. If he’ll come, yeah that’d be great.”

When asked if it was the end of the tradition, Potts responded, “No, no. Not at all. Not at all.”

“It will always hold a special memory for me. If they remodel this place, I hope I could somehow buy this table from them and keep this booth in my house,” Potts said.