Former Pro-Boxer returns home to Midland

Former Pro-Boxer returns to home in Midland
Former Pro-Boxer returns to home in Midland(CBS7)
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 4:56 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -One Midlander is making his way back home and hanging the gloves up after a career in boxing.

Some people may know him as the West Texas warrior, but his family and friends, know him as Michael Dutchover.

And he is back in Midland to coach at his former amateur boxing gym & a 9-u flag football team in his hometown of Midland.

After an impressive career in boxing and a record of 16 wins and 3 losses with 10 K’Os. Michael Dutchover has decided to hang up the gloves and pursue another love which is helping kids after spending 16 years in the ring fighting.

We stepped in the ring with Dutchover to learn just what went through his head when he decided to retire.

“Felt like it’s Time in my life right now to start giving back all of the knowledge I’ve learned over the years and start giving back to my community which is here, in Midland, Texas,” said Michael Dutchover

During Dutchover’s career while training in Los Angeles he helped train people and during that time Dutchover decided to do what made him happiest.

“I had already started this during my professional boxing career. And as you know it’s very busy and sacrifices a lot of time but it’s all about what makes you happy and this is what’s making me happy right now” said, Dutchover

During our time in the ring with Dutchover, he mentions he’s only been home for a short time but during that he has seen so much out of the people in his hometown.

“I’ve already been back for one week and I’ve already seen that as soon as I’m back I can see myself and some of these kids that are here already working hard, working as hard as I did whenever I was a kid. And so I see that and love that feeling so I just want to push kids and help them reach their goals” said Dutchover

Dutchover says he follows life by 4 pillars. 1 is God, 2 is family and not just blood, 3 to always read and expand your mind, and 4 is to run. He wants to teach others to live life by these four rules.

If you’re interested in anything Dutchover has to offer he said to reach out to him on Facebook.