Collectors, dealers show the money at Tyler Coin Show

The Tyler Coin Show is being held at the Ornelas Activity Center on Old Omen Road Saturday.
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 2:02 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Sometimes money is worth much more than face value, and that of course is where collectors come in. They’re also coming into the Ornelas Activity Center in Tyler for the Tyler Coin Show. And, they have more than just coins.

Less than two hours after the coin show opened, it was packed. President of Tyler Coin Club Richard Graham talks with Tom and Sandy’s Coins Owner Tom Garrow about, well, big surprise, coins.

“This weekend we have one of the greatest shows in Texas, which is here in Tyler. The reason it’s one of the greatest shows is because it’s centrally located, and the incredible dealers that we have here,” Graham said.

Tom says he has high-end coins and cheaper coins. His big bad coin is an “1882 CC five-dollar gold piece. And, it’s currently listed at $7,500, which is a good price for that coin, actually. What makes it so expensive is rarity and the fact that it’s AU 58. It’s almost uncirculated,” Garrow said.

At the other end of the room, Larry Hoefer with Pacific Coins and Collectibles has a coin a little older than Tom’s. It’s from “Athens, Greece, 404 BC. It is quite old and still grades as an AU 55,” Hoefer said.

If you don’t have $1,450 bucks for a 2,400-year-old coin, you can spend less and get, well, some weird stuff, like a Harry Potter or Star Wars coin, or a Trump coin.

Tom says the last couple years he has seen a steady increase in interest in precious metals, but he doesn’t recommend them as a short-term investment.

“I don’t recommend putting your money in gold and silver if you’re thinking you’re going to need the money any time soon. You want to take money that’s totally just discretionary money that you never want to spend. That way, when you do get ready to sell, you can sell at your price not the price you have to sell it at,” Garrow said.

And if you decide on solid assets, you can “buy different denominations of bars which range from one gram to a hundred grams,” Graham said.

That way all your eggs aren’t in one basket, or bar. Not all of us have the ability to smelt.

“You, you got any spare change that’s really old?” I asked Larry.

“I don’t have any spare change,” he laughed.

The Tyler Coin Show is being held at the Ornelas Activity Center on Old Omen Road Saturday, August 13, from 9-5. Admission is free, and they are giving away door prizes.

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