West Texas Sheriff gets help from the Capital

West Texas Sheriff gets help from the Capital
West Texas Sheriff gets help from the Capital(CBS7)
Published: Jul. 15, 2022 at 4:31 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Out in our nation’s capital earlier today representative Jodey Arrington of the 19th District of Texas held a press conference alongside other state elected officials across the country in regard to the current state of the border.

U-S Representative Arrington spoke in front of the nation’s capital earlier this morning.

This press conference was held to demand support from President Joe Biden to declare an invasion at the southern border, and to empower Texas law enforcement and National Guard to take action against undocumented immigrants.

Representative Arrington claims that this all started due to President Joe Biden’s border policies which he says do not enforce the law and do not protect the citizens of this country.

“The Federal Government would provide a common defense. Would repel invasions, like we’re seeing on the border, and the federal government is refusing to do it. In fact, it’s encouraging and encourages more chaos and lawlessness.” US Representative 19th District for Texas, Jodey Arrington

We caught up with sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland of Terrell County. Who we’ve spoken to in the past regarding the current issue at the border. To hear what it meant for him to be in DC today with Representative Arrington and the support his county and other border counties are getting.

“Sure, having congressman Arrington support us and his district isn’t even on the border, but it’s definitely affected in Lubbock Texas, Abilene, those areas where illegal aliens are coming to those areas and make their way to other areas in the United States. So having his support is tremendous as well as the other support from various congress.” Terrell County Sheriff, Thaddeus Cleveland

Cleveland also talked about what defines an invasion in a county or state.

“No, it’s not defined by the number of people that cross the border. It’s just what’s going on. Clearly, you know I’ve told you many times the number of aliens we’ve caught in Sanderson and Terrell county. We’re almost at a 500% increase. Where the federal government failed to do their job to secure the border. The governor of Texas is having to step up.” Cleveland

Other state elected officials were present today at the press conference including congresswoman Debbie Lesko who mentioned, “I joined Representative Arrington and my GOP colleagues to address the INVASION at our southern border. President Joe Biden’s open border policies have emboldened criminal cartels to traffic migrants and deadly drugs across our border. This is a SHAMEFUL dereliction of duty.”

Congresswoman Kat Cammack also released a statement saying " During this morning’s press conference with Representative Arrington and many of my colleagues, we talked about how much the Biden administration has failed, forcing states to take action to defend our borders. It’s the Biden Border Crisis and it’s absurd.”

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