Changes potentially on the way for voters in Bowie County

Voters could soon be able to vote at any location in the county
Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 11:57 AM CDT
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NEW BOSTON, Texas (KSLA) - Voters in Bowie County could soon be able to vote at any polling location on Election Day.

The county commissioners and elections administrator for the county are requesting the implementation of countywide voting centers, which would allow registered voters (there are about 70,000 in the county) to vote at any polling location on Election Day. The court voted Monday, July 11 to approve a resolution petitioning the secretary of state to allow Bowie County to move forward with this proposal during the upcoming Nov. 8 gubernatorial election.

“Countywide voting makes voting more convenient, potentially increases voter turnout, and prevents eligible voters from being turned away or given a provisional ballot because the voter is in the wrong voting precinct on Election Day,” said Pat McCoy, elections administrator for Bowie County.

Officials say there will be 22 voting centers throughout the county. On Election Day, registered voters will be able to vote at any location between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. A list of polling locations will be formally approved by the county commissioners after the state approves the proposal.

“Historically, you had to be voting at your home precinct on Election Day. This will work like early voting; in early voting, anybody can vote at early voting centers,” McCoy said.

The Texas Secretary of State’s Office says more than 70 counties in the state currently follow this model for voting.

“We hope we are going to see an increased turnout, but also it is going to eliminate the idea an individual being in the wrong polling center or polling location on Election Day or either not voting are given a provisional ballot,” said McCoy.

For more information about the proposal or elections in Bowie County, call 903-628-6810 or click here.

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