A Better East Texas: U.S. Southern border crisis intensifies

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 1:35 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - The crisis at the southern border continues to grow and with the onset of summer temperatures, the potential for overheating of border agents and other first responders and immigrants grows.

Even if the constant stream of immigrants crossing illegally stays steady, summer is about to make it worse. And, unfortunately, the federal government seems to be hellbent on restricting those US assets even more that oversee law enforcement at the border. Back in September, during one of the pushes by migrant caravans, video and still images were produced that showed border agents on horseback intercepting a large group of hundreds of migrants from Haiti. The images showed what some described as agents whipping the migrants as they crossed the border near Del Rio. There was outrage and condemnation from President Biden and others without any respect to due process or investigation. Recently the investigation was concluded, and it showed that they were not whipping anyone. In the meantime, the Customs and Border Patrol department has stopped using horses in their daily enforcement practices – practices that have been in place for a hundred years. Practices that are needed. The agents are now hampered even more from enforcing the law and protecting the border. This is the just the latest rush to judgment and restriction surrounding law enforcement at the border. Also, this investigation took only a few months while these immigrant asylum cases can take years sometimes to process. The system is broken, and logic has fled. And this crisis continues and will get worse.

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