‘I’ve had a wild ride:’ Longtime Trinity police chief stepping down

Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones, one of the star's of CMT's Big Texas Heat
Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones, one of the star's of CMT's Big Texas Heat
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 5:07 PM CDT
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TRINITY, Texas (KTRE) - Longtime Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones, who has become something of a celebrity over the years due to his appearance on a CMT reality show called “Big Texas Heat,” is stepping down.

“I’ve been chief since June 19, 2008,” Jones said. “I’ve had a wild ride. The show, being on Dog and Beth, the Ozzy Show, viral pics, fighting with Tyrese from ‘Fast and Furious.’ Lots of craziness.”

Jones said he is going to focus on his duties as city manager. He has served as Trinity’s city manager and police chief for the past four years.

“I’m stepping over to be the city manager,” Jones said.

Jones said his resignation from the police chief position is effective immediately. He added city leaders are hoping to hire a new chief at the city council’s July 14 meeting.

The last 14 years have been a roller coaster ride for Jones.

In 2020, Jones tested positive for COVID-19. He shared the news on Facebook and took time off from work to recover.

Back in 2015, Jones and Officer Donald Givens received national media coverage after a photo they posted on social media went viral. The picture, which came after several incidents where police officers were shot and killed, showed Jones and Givens with the words, “His life matters” written on their hands with arrows pointing toward each other.

The photo prompted Tyrese Gibson, one of the stars of the “Fast and Furious” movie franchise, to blast the Trinity police officers in a social media post.

Jones appeared on Fox News to discuss the reaction he and Givens received from the viral photo.

“Officer Givens and I are pretty close,” Jones said in the interview. “It’s kind of disheartening for Mr. Gibson to take something we did together to promote unity and turn it into something negative.”

The Fox News interview came two days after Micah Xavier ambushed a group of Dallas police officers, killing five of them and wounding nine others. Two civilians were also wounded.

In 2012, talk show host Steve Harvey challenged Jones and Givens to lose 60 pounds in 60 days.

When Jones talked to East Texas News about it in January of 2013, he said he and Givens had been hitting the gym two hours a day and working with a nutritionist.

At one point during the show’s run, CMT changed “Big Texas Heat” to “Fat Cops.”

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