Earl Campbell’s son talks about his book, family, life with multiple sclerosis

Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 12:16 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Earl Campbell’s son Tyler was at a book-signing event and spoke about his book, The Ball Came Out, which includes dealing with multiple sclerosis.

Tyler Campbell never thought he’d be the kind of guy to write a book about his life.

Campbell said “for me, you know nobody in my family has written their own personal book. Even my dad had a book written by somebody, for him that somebody else wanted to do, so for me, it means a lot. I feel like if people are willing to invest their time, their money into you then you should be able to invest your time back to that individual and like Grammy used to always say never be too proud to say thank you.”

Campbell agreed that Miss Ann, his grandmother had a tremendous influence on his uncles, his father and his aunts and she had that same kind of influence on her grandkids. Campbell said “I love the fact that she commanded the room even before she opened up her mouth. And I always found that to be amazing because I thought it was backward that people would have to do something outlandish to get the attention of somebody else for what they had to say. And I always admired Grammy because she never had to do that. Her presence and her aura held people.”

His story involves loving parents, an NFL Hall of Fame father, an older brother that he adores and respects, his own family, and his story is also of someone dealing with MS diagnosed years ago while playing football at San Diego State.

Campbell said “it is, I am here, and I am present. So, I’ve literally, when people tell you to take one day at a time, I’ll take the whole day. Because I know that tomorrow could be me not walking, or me not talking because of the holes in the lesions that are my brain from an autoimmune disease. So, I’m thankful, I’m all smiles, and I’ll smile brightly. I wrote the book. What that means is it gives hope to other MS patients that you can write a book. You can tell your story; you can still accomplish the things you want to accomplish with your life. So that’s why today is so special. That’s why this book is so special, not necessarily for me but for what it will hopefully do in the minds and hearts of others.”

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