East Texas couple’s 70-year marriage almost didn’t happen, had fortunate twist

An East Texas couple recently celebrated 70 years of marriage surrounded by family and friends.
Published: Jun. 5, 2022 at 5:09 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 5, 2022 at 5:11 PM CDT
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UPSHUR COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - An East Texas couple celebrates 70 years of marriage surrounded by family and friends.

A marriage that almost didn’t happen and had a fortunate twist when it did.

At a gathering at the Little Mound community, was a celebration of friends and family for Audrey and Travis Shipp’s 70th anniversary.

“Very blessed to have my parents celebrate their 70th anniversary. They’ve been wonderful parents, we’ve always been well taken care of and well loved. I’ll never forget this day and the good fellowship we’ve had,” says daughter Janet Smith.

“I’ve heard of people being married 70 years but they are the first couple I have ever known personally married 70 years,” said family friend Don Ledford.

But it almost didn’t happen.

1950′s, the Korean war was on and Travis was drafted into the army, still determined to get married,

“Dad received his draft notice for the service at the beginning of the Korean war. Didn’t know if that was going to work out for them,” said son Rick Shipp.

His company was meanwhile deployed to Korea, and when Shipp tried to rejoin them, his command altered his orders.

“He was on the verge of his company being deployed to Korea. He caught up with his commanding officer, ‘how do I catch up with them? He said corporal you just stay here we’ll find you something to do here,” Rick says.

According to the family, they’re proof that love does not fade away.

“Her and I have been together and had a wonderful most all of the time. I’m not saying everything’s been smooth. Sometimes it’s been a little bit rocky. But it’s been wonderful,” Travis says.

“When we got married in 52, I thought we were supposed to stay married. Couldn’t ask for anything to be any better,” Audrey says.

A rich family life for the Shipp’s. They have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren.

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