‘No medical training whatsoever’: Hospital security guard delivers baby in elevator

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 4:05 PM CDT
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DALLAS (WFAA) – A Texas woman made it to the hospital just in time to give birth to her baby on Mother’s Day, but did not quite make it to the delivery room.

That’s when a security guard stepped in to help.

With radio and wheelchair in hand, Medical City Dallas security guard Eli Davila was on the clock this past Mother’s Day.

“I was like, ‘No time for this. We gotta go. We gotta go!’” Davila said.

The soon-to-be mother Betzabeth Perez arrived at the hospital in labor. She was wheeled inside, but when in the hallway, she grimaced. The baby’s head was crowning.

Davila frantically pressed buttons to get her to doctors.

Finally, an elevator opens. The second those elevator doors closed, the ride turned into an unforgettable one.

When the doors opened at the next floor, Perez was wheeled into the hallway with her baby in hand. Davila had to deliver it inside the elevator.

“The baby starts crying and the mom gets really calm,” Davila said. “And I told them, ‘Okay. Everything is going to be fine. The worst is over.’”

Davila told Medical City he has no medical training and just went with the situation.

“No medical training whatsoever,” Davila said. “It was just one of these things where you watch all this TV. And you have to put it into practice right now.”

Perez and her little girl Mia are doing just fine now.

Davila said he isn’t forgetting this shift anytime soon.

“Bringing a baby into this world and having a part of it is just really crazy,” Davila said.

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