Azalea District’s Pyron Garden escapes severe weather unscathed

“This is what this yard is all about. Everybody is welcome here.”
Published: Apr. 17, 2022 at 4:59 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - For those living in the Azalea District of Tyler and surrounding areas, it’s been a week of clean up. However, one well-known garden in the district was left nearly untouched when strong winds blew through last Tuesday night.

“I love to be able to say, ‘Come on in. It’s okay. It’s safe here,’” said Pyron Garden owner Joan Pyron.

There’s a sign that has welcomed people from all over the world to this haven of color, beauty and peace. Pyron said she was home the night of the storm and was nervous to see what the yard would look like after it passed.

A couple dead branches fell but, “Nothing, nothing else was hurt. Even the very delicate flowers like the Irises are so delicate, it was just like another day in the sun,” Pyron said.

This Easter Sunday many families came out to enjoy the beauty of the blooms, walking the garden and taking photos.

Winds strong enough to rip trees out of the ground left the petals of flowers in place.

“As I’ve heard Joan tell people, over and over and over again, this garden and every little flower in it is a gift from the Lord,” said Dena Trahan, Pyron’s neighbor.

Easter eggs, fountains, and even her dog Chase, brought smiles to visitors’ faces this weekend.

“It’s wonderful that people with all of the devastation around here, I think it’s wonderful that people can come and see the beauty is still here in the Azalea District, and it will be again,” Pyron said. “So this is what this yard is all about. Everybody is welcome here.”

Pyron said the garden is open 365 days a year. She just asks visitors to arrive before sunset.

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