Producers of ‘The Chosen’ give tour of new Texas set ahead of Season 3

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Published: Apr. 15, 2022 at 12:58 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 15, 2022 at 11:02 PM CDT
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MIDLOTHIAN, Texas (KLTV/KTRE) - East Texas News received a special tour of the new Midlothian set of “The Chosen.”

“The Chosen” tells the story of Jesus Christ through the eyes of those He encountered. It is the first-ever multi-season TV series about the life of Christ, and the most crowdfunded TV show in history.

“The Chosen is basically the story of Christ but told more through the eyes of the disciples and those around him - Mary Magdalene, His mother, Pharisees, different things like that so while we tell the story that you find in the Scripture, it’s told from a more personal perspective,” said co-producer Chad Gundersen.

Season one and two were filmed on a Jerusalem set in Utah as well as at Capernaum Studios in Weatherford, Texas.

Producers of “The Chosen” give tour of new Midlothian set

As the show grew, they selected Texas as their home base with the goal of consolidating all their sets and assets. To do this, they needed a first century village.

Co-producer Chris Juen explains how what started out as an idea to build a temporary set turned into a unique partnership that will make an impact for generations.

“As we were trying to figure out cost effective ways to do things, we ended up making a decision to make a permanent set which was not necessarily a cost-effective move,” Juen said. “But it enabled us to not only for us to use it for our full-run seven seasons, but now we can hand that off to Camp Hoblitzelle when we’re done and it can be used for their camps coming through. So this first century village will live on past even The Chosen.”

Camp Hoblitzelle is a Salvation Army retreat and conference center.

The village set is two acres.

“So, that will be the synagogue up on the hill there so obviously there will be stairs going up to it and this is the village so we’ll take a walk through and look at everything,” Gundersen said.

“You see over here they are already starting to stamp the floors so obviously that’s a concrete foundation but they start stamping the imprints to kinda give it that village feel depending on the house that it’s in,” Gundersen continued.

“There’s different zones of different areas - there’s the Roman section over here, red quarters over there, this up here is actually Matthew’s house, the biggest and nicest house on the block,” Juen said. “So, it’s not designed as a village - it’s not replicating anything - it is a movie set so it’s designed to be shot with different things in mind.”

Concluding the tour, Gundersen said, “So obviously different textures, different types of stone, we have a stairway going up, again you can see the foam work being worked - shaped, some of it’s real stone, some of it’s foam, but their under an incredible timeline to be ready for season 3 when we start shooting here in a few weeks. this won’t be ready in a few weeks - it’ll be ready in a few months, but we have other shooting to do before we get to this but these guys are feeling the crunch, but they’re doing an amazing job and we’re just excited to watch.”

Filming for season 3 will start off at Capernaum Studios in Weatherford. about 45 percent of season 3 will be filmed on the new Midlothian set once it is completed.

Season three of The Chosen was fully funded in December of 2021 after raising $3 million and filming will start on April 25.

The Chosen can be viewed the Angel Studios website.

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