Large tree falls on carport in Whitehouse, no injuries reported

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Published: Apr. 5, 2022 at 2:54 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 5, 2022 at 11:22 PM CDT
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WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KLTV) - Tomlin Street in Whitehouse was busy Tuesday morning while residents were assessing damage to their property and electric crews were working to get power back on. Around 1:30 Tuesday morning Josh Campbell said he heard what sounded like hail.

“But it was actually a tree that was hitting the window and then fell over the carport,” Campbell said.

No one was injured and Campbell had his two kids take shelter into the stairwell. Steve Martin, his father-in-law and the homeowner pulled up around 8 this morning.

“Just really a sense of awe and amazement that one limb could do this type of damage,” Martin said. “The other thing was just a sense of gratefulness, because the tree, it looked like, that absolutely it should have fallen toward the bedrooms where the grandkids are and so instead, it fell on the carport.”

Campbell said his truck held up the carport enough that they were able to pull his wife’s car out.

“It was more just disbelief. I mean this truck also came from my father who passed, so it was kind of one of those things of a savior,” Campbell said.

As we were walking through their yard with them, Campbell’s wife rescued a baby squirrel whose nest got destroyed when the tree fell. The home is special to them, as it’s been in the family since the early 90s. There’s no interior damage that they know of right now.

“It’s been a lot of memories here, a lot of great memories, but we’ll have the opportunity to get it back in tip top shape pretty soon,” Martin said. “Thank God for insurance, and thank God for people that care.”

The family said tree trimmers were on the way today and they’re hoping insurance adjusters will be out in the next few days.

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