Nacogdoches County resident survives after tornado picks up her home

A tornado moved the house of a Nacogdoches County woman while she was still in it.
A tornado moved the house of a Nacogdoches County woman while she was still in it.(KTRE)
Published: Mar. 24, 2022 at 3:29 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - When Lilbert resident Sue Adamcryk lost electricity Monday night, she took it as a sign to get into her closet with her two chihuahuas. Sue said during those few minutes in the closet, she remembers being scared.

“It was that freight train sound that they say, and the house started shaking., and I think I closed my eyes. Cause I didn’t see anything. I just heard stuff breaking and cracking, and then it was over real quick,” Adamcryk said.

During that time, Sue said she felt herself moving with the house. She felt shaking and rumbling, like she might’ve been set back down on the ground.

“I didn’t realize I was going upward. But the next morning I realized the house had moved about eight feet backwards. The house now sits on top of a fallen cedar tree, with some limbs coming through the floor,” Adamcryk said.

She said she did not realize how far she traveled until the next day. Despite the chaos, Sue has only a single scratch on her elbow.

“The next day is when I got down here to see what had happened. And all the destruction. The thing that I need to tell everybody is that God protected me in that closet that night. Because I shouldn’t be here. I really shouldn’t,” Adamcryk said.

Sue said the insurance companies will review the damage of her home on Thursday. From there, she will start the clean-up process and determine the next steps for her and her pets.

Lexi Moore and her grandpa leaped into action early Tuesday morning when they were notified by the Lilbert Volunteer Fire Department that someone near their location was stuck inside a house.

“[Adamcryk] had two porches that were lifted, like they were up. And side porches and everything. And her house was completely lifted onto those where you could usually walk-up steps,” Moore said. “And now it is completely pushed back on the ground, so it’s a big difference.”

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