Insects are on the way to enjoy East Texas spring, so early pest control treatment recommended

Published: Mar. 14, 2022 at 11:17 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - As the East Texas Winter fades, and we move into the Spring the temperatures will progressively get warmer, and with it comes the emergence of insects.

From mosquitoes to roaches, ants, fleas and ticks, and termites, any number of seasonal pests are on the way and exterminators are saying not to wait until they arrive to treat for them.

“Ants for sure. Wasps. They’re kind of dormant when it’s cool. They love to get in your attic,” says exterminator Johnny Jennings, owner of Jennings Termite and Pest Control.

For professional exterminators, this is the start of a very long season: the fight against invasive insects.

“You need to get your residual laid down because ants are going to start coming into the house,” Jennings says.

Exterminators say early treatment is important because it can stop an infestation.

Top of the list is the most destructive pest to homeowners: termites.

“April and May is swarm season for termites. That’s mainly what we deal with. Your home is your most valuable asset and it’s worth protecting,” Jennings says.

Some try to do home pest control but the danger is harming good insects like pollinators.

“That’s a very common thing that you need to be careful of. I do not want to treat anything that’s blooming. Flowers landscape, things that are blooming because your bees are number one pollinators,” says Jennings.

Jennings says don’t wait for them to become a problem.

“No magic cure to go they’re gone. Call a professional. Give your pest control company a chance to take care of the situation,” he says.

Jennings says if you do choose to use home pest control, be sure to read the label on any possible harmful effects it could have on other insects and even pets.

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