Tomato Republic, film about Jacksonville politics, may be bound for Broadway

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Published: Feb. 1, 2022 at 11:33 PM CST
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JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - Rob Gowin, who was the main focus of the Tomato Republic and Mayoral Candidate in the Jacksonville mayoral race, spoke with KLTV about the idea of the film being turned into a Broadway musical.

“You know, the playwrights and the musical writers...all those people are in place and they are working,” Gowin said.

Gowin is the focal character of the Jacksonville-based documentary, “Tomato Republic.”

The film chronicled the 2013 mayoral race in that city, when three men ran for the office. It was well-received nationwide on the film festival circuit. Now in 2022, the producers, headed by Jacksonville native Jenna Jackson, want to turn the film into a Broadway musical. They feel the tone of the documentary would fit well into today’s political climate.

“The Tomato Republic documentary still resonates with people. I mean, you get into the whole acceptance of a different lifestyle. You get into the whole...the political paradigms where, you know, we had three totally different candidates, all running for the same spot. We all walked away friends,” Gowin said, adding that he would consider playing himself, if asked.

You can find The Tomato Republic on various streaming services.

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