Police arrest woman they say burglarized nail shop in Hawkins

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Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 2:18 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 21, 2022 at 5:18 PM CST
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HAWKINS, Texas (KLTV) - Police in the City of Hawkins were searching for a suspect in a weekend burglary, committed in broad daylight; tonight, they say that White Oak Police Department has taken her into custody.

The woman is identified as Kelly Liquieta of Longview.

Liquieta Kelly, 33 of Longview. Held on a collective bond of $380,000.
Liquieta Kelly, 33 of Longview. Held on a collective bond of $380,000.(Gregg County Jail)

Police say it happened around 9:30 Sunday morning at the Hawkins Nail Spa in the 200 block of FM 14 south.

A rock through the front door of the nail spa was the beginning of a 22-minute stroll by a suspect looking for cash. She is someone well known to police, they say.

“Those are all arrest reports, this is a criminal history, and it’s 44 pages long,” said Hawkins police chief Manfred Gilow.

Surveillance video shows it began with the woman casing the business.

“After she looks in the back if there’s a vehicle, she can’t see one. She’s knocking on the door several times, there’s a lot of traffic in the morning. So she waits,” the chief says.

And she came prepared to gain entry.

“She pulls out a big square rock and chunks it into the window. Goes to her car waits for an alarm, there is no alarm,” Gilow says.

Once inside, the woman casually searches rooms and desks for cash or valuables.

“Takes her time for 22 minutes. She was very relaxed because she did it several times,” says the chief.

Gilow says she methodically went through every room looking for cash. And she even left herself enough time to allow traffic to go by before she left.

Gilow says Liquieta left with around $600 in cash.

“This lady was identified by a good friend, who she stole from as well. It started with little thefts, then burglaries, now she’s has armed robbery. If we don’t catch her at one point, she pulls the trigger because she really doesn’t care,” Manfred says.

Chief Gilow says Liquieta has numerous outstanding warrants for her arrest, and is suspected in other burglaries.

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