Man ransacks stranger’s Gladewater home while in ‘chemically-induced delirium’

Published: Jan. 17, 2022 at 1:43 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 17, 2022 at 7:37 PM CST
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GLADEWATER, Texas (KLTV) - A Tyler man was taken into custody this morning in the 1600 block of Highway 271 in Gladewater, after breaking into a home and ransacking it.

Rogelio Renteria will be charged with burglary of a building, burglary of a habitation, and public intoxication. And the homeowner says he didn’t know the suspect and had no idea why the man tore up his house and smashed the windshield on his truck.

Randy Koss looked at his broken belongings strewn across the floor of his house.

“This was in my mother’s bar in Milwaukee. I’ve had that over fifty years, that Schlitz lamp. That can’t be replaced,” Koss said.

Randy says nearly every room in the house was damaged in some way.

“Entertainment center, he busted the glass out of there; the TV,” Koss said.

About a half hour earlier Rogelio Renteria was lifted onto a stretcher by law enforcement and EMTs. He was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation before being charged. About an hour before that Koss was in the liquor store he owns and he says he heard someone banging on his garage just outside.

“I confronted him, he dropped the rake and started walking towards my house which is next to my liquor store,” Koss said.

Gladewater Police Chief Gordon Freeman says a truck had stopped in front of Koss’ property about 10 am.

“A passenger exited, was acting erratic; very aggressive,” Chief Freeman said.

“They let him out of their truck because I guess he was getting too rowdy with them. And I’m yelling at them to come get him, and I turned around and he disappeared,” Koss said.

“After that he started stripping off his clothes and ran into the house where the owner lives,” Freeman said.

“And he had broken my front door but I didn’t know it because he closed it. So I’m walking around my house and all of a sudden I hear a bang, but by that time several police cars were here. And I yelled at them. I said he’s in my house. And they thought he had a gun and he was shooting,” Koss said.

A trooper drove by as this was happening and called it in. Koss told arriving law enforcement that Renteria didn’t have a gun since he only had on underwear when Randy lost sight of him.

“That’s when the officers made entry. They made contact with the suspect. He was subdued at that time and detained. It appeared he was in a chemically-induced delirium,” Freeman said.

Now Koss is awaiting an insurance adjuster before he cleans up his house.

Gladewater Police say Renteria also had K2, MJ and methamphetamine on in the pants pocket of his recovered clothing. More charges may be pending. Renteria had been released four days ago from Smith County for possession of marijuana.

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