East Texans of Texas Baptist Men aid in storm relief efforts

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Published: Dec. 14, 2021 at 6:27 PM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Disaster relief organization Texas Baptist Men is sending crews, including East Texans, to aid in storm relief efforts in Kentucky and other states devastated by a deadly tornado outbreak.

“In the midst of the devastation are incredible tales of help and hope,” Texas Baptist Men spokesperson John Hall said. “The mission of Texas Baptist Men is to deliver help, hope, and healing to hurting people.”

On Tuesday, the first team of about 15 volunteers brought a mobile freezer to Kentucky.

“They have food on site, they have people to cook the food, but they have no way to store the ingredients before they cook it,” Hall said. “It seems like a small thing, but in a disaster small things are big things.”

The next group is going to Missouri.

“Which just shows you how big this disaster relief area is. One tornado alone stretched over 200 miles,” Hall said.

They plan to send a chainsaw team from East Texas.

Hall said partners told TBM exactly what the disaster victims needed, including roofing materials.

“We also walk alongside people and just offer the encouragement that they need to carry on.”

Hope that the disaster victims are searching for.

“We got a note from the Pastor at First Mayfield. It’s Sunday morning, they’re looking through the rubble of their church, which has just been decimated, and they find a hymn. Just a sheet of a hymn. It’s just those comforting words that help them push forward,” Hall said.

“We’re often one of the first teams in and we’re often the last teams out. We’re going to stay until there is no longer any need,” Hall said. “The most important thing that somebody can do right now, they can do from their couch as they’re watching this, is we need prayer.”

Hall said there are two ways to help: Give or Go.

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