WebXtra: Experts advise East Texans ‘prepare now’ for possible winter storms

KLTV's Bob Hallmark talks with experts who are advising East Texans to prepare now for possible...
KLTV's Bob Hallmark talks with experts who are advising East Texans to prepare now for possible winter storms.
Published: Nov. 27, 2021 at 4:33 PM CST
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HAWKINS, Texas (KLTV) - As the chill of fall sets in, many East Texans are heading to hardware stores prepping for cold weather.

And those ‘prepping’ materials are best acquired now, while supplies last.

Though it may have been a once in a century happening, East Texans are doing what they can to winterize their homes in the wake of ‘snowmaggedon’, showing up in large numbers at hardware stores.

“They’re looking for pipes, they’re looking for insulation, what’s the best kind of pipe to use, heat tape, you name it,” says Hawkins ‘Ace Hardware’ store owner Paul Stevens.

The big concern is pipes, thousands had no water for weeks during the snowstorm because of frozen or busted lines.

“It looks like people are a little bit more proactive now. The easiest place to start is to wrap your exposed pipes,” says Alec James of Ace Hardware in Longview.

But it’s best not to wait on preparation.

“As soon as things are gone, there’s no promise that we’re going to have re-supply. The shortage of goods now, it’s just a good idea to get ahead of the game and get your pipes and plumbing together for a potential freeze,” James says.

Another preventative measure that’s become popular is called heat tape.

“It’s electric, and has a temperature sensor. 6 feet, 3 feet, would keep and entire length of pipe from freezing,” says Stevens.

Outdoor faucet covers are also recommended.

“If you can count on running out of anything, its hose bib covers, faucet covers,” says James.

Flexible PEX line has become a popular replacement for PVC.

“I does expand. Push them on. No cutting, gluing, welding, nothing,” says Stevens.

Both Stevens and James say wrapping your pipes is a key. Whether you use foam, cloth or even newspaper, it could save your pipes from freezing.

“If it’s outside, it has to be buried. Where it comes up under the house it’s got to be insulated,” Stevens says.

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