Smith County constable, deputies allegedly stole cash, watches, sunglasses, makeup from resident

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Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 10:24 AM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An arrest affidavit details items allegedly stolen while a Smith County constable and his deputies served a warrant at a Tyler home.

Curtis Traylor-Harris, 33, LaQuenda Banks, 42, and Derrick Holman, 44, are each charged with theft of property by a public servant, official oppression and abuse of official capacity. They were arrested on the charges last week and have since bonded out.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by KLTV on Thursday, the constable and deputies stole the following items:

* Gshock watch

* Apple iWatch

* two analog watches

* box of ammunition

* Apple box suspected to contain Apple Air Pods

* Oakley sunglasses

* Ray Ban sunglasses

* makeup

* safe containing antique coins, quarter collection, military medals, diploma, birth certificate and Social Secuity card

* $750 in cash

Two Smith County deputy constables were arrested Wednesday by the Texas Rangers and booked into...
Two Smith County deputy constables were arrested Wednesday by the Texas Rangers and booked into the Smith County Jail.(Smith County Sheriff's Office)

According to the affidavit, Traylor-Harris instructed his deputies to turn off their body cameras during the execution of an eviction on Oct. 18. It appears Banks turned the camera on when she thought she was turning it off, and later turned it off when she thought she was turning it on. The camera footage gives evidence of the thefts.

The affidavit lists the following events were shown on the video footage:

* As the recording begins it appears to be in a bedroom or bathroom area of a home. Banks is heard telling someone to “hold on,” then Traylor-Harris walks in front of Banks holding a watch display box. Banks is heard telling Traylor-Harris in a hushed tone, “I cut it off,” followed by the tone of a body camera turning on.

* Banks unzips a pocket in her shirt, then retrieved a watch display box from Traylor-Harris. Traylor-Harris says “take that (expletive). Banks then removed four watches from the display case and places them into her shirt and says “put them in my shirt.”

* Banks is shown placing ammunition and the Apple box into her uniform shirt.

* Banks hands Traylor-Harris what appears to be a wallet with money. Banks commented “some more money.”

* Holman can be seen standing guard at the top of the stairs.

* Holman and Banks walk to Holman’s patrol vehicle and place a bong and rifle case on the ground at the rear of the vehicle.

* Banks tells Holman she needs to put something in the car. As Banks opened the passenger side from the door, Holman appeared to glance toward the side of Banks, where she had hidden the items removed from the home. Holman asked “what you got?” Banks responds “some [expletive] he had me put in my pocket.” Holman then tells Banks “sit in the driver seat and take it out.” Holman asks, “where’s the cash at,” to which Banks replied, “oh he got that.”

* Banks sits in the driver’s seat and unloads the items concealed inside her uniform shirt.

* Back in the house, Banks picks up some makeup products and shows them to Traylor-Harris. Banks comments, “this is the [expletive] I bought last night,” and both laugh. Banks puts the makeup products into her shirt.

* Banks removes a pair of Oakley sunglasses from a case and places them into her shirt pocket.

* Banks removes a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from a nightstand drawer and puts them into her shirt pocket. Banks then comments “cleaning house.”

* Banks says she needs to go sit down and rest because she “got a little fatter.’ She then goes to Holman’s vehicle and begins removing the items, then zips her uniform shirt pocket back closed.

* Holman places a safe in the rear of his vehicle. Traylor-Harris places a wallet and rifle magazine in the vehicle.

* The resident comes home and explains she cannot find paperwork she needs because “somebody came in and dumped all my stuff.” The resident is then on the phone telling someone they took guns from her home and dumped all her drawers. Holman and Banks tell the resident about finding cocaine and weed in her home and since she is the owner, it will all be on her.

* Tyler police arrive on scene. Banks shows officers the drugs removed from the home.

* Traylor-Harris walks to the back of his vehicle where Banks and Holman are standing. Traylor-Harris pulls out a wad of cash from his chest pocket and places it in a box. Someone makes a comment, “you didn’t give me none of that” and they all laugh.

* Tyler police tells the constable and deputies they will take the drug seizure.

* Banks runs over to assist Tyler police with the arrest of the resident and appears to try to turn on the body camera. The action actually turned off the body camera.

According to the arrest affidavit, the resident told police she noticed the items were missing and she filed a theft report. Traylor-Harris, Banks and Holman each denied the thefts in separate interviews.

According to the affidavit, it is believed the constable and deputies stole more than $750 worth of items.

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