James, 16, hopes for forever family to share in his love of the outdoors

James giggles to us about his love for food and sleep
James giggles to us about his love for food and sleep((Source: Erika Holland KLTV))
Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 7:45 AM CST
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - James, 16, spared no details when it came to showing us around the mountain bike trails at Lindsey Park in Tyler.

“From what I’m seeing right here, that’s a jump, straight off the bat,” said James. “I would totally run that.”

He taught us there are two classes of biking: road and mountain. James prefers the latter.

“I used to ride a trail near my house with my brother,” James said as we walked the rutted path that he’d otherwise be blazing down on two wheels. His passion for the sport was on full display.

James told us he hopes to find a family he can bring along on his mountain biking adventures, in addition to the family he already has.

“Of course, having a relationship with all my siblings is important,” James explained. “I talk to all of them.”

James is an adorable blend of brains, humor and care. All three of those qualities came through when we asked him what his future family would need to know about him.

He said, “chicken spaghetti is my favorite food.”

“Chinese [food] is a close second.”

“I love to sleep,” he admitted with a giggle to follow.

Ultimately, James says he’d be happy with anyone who’d be willing to take a chance on him before he ages out of care.

The high-school sophomore says his dream is to become a video game engineer and he’s already working toward that goal in school. He practices coding his own games and software through the programs available to him now.

For more information on James or other children available for adoption in East Texas, click here, to connect with our DFPS specialist.

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