After shooting in Marshall Saturday, fire marshal’s office is investigating safety, permits

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 5:08 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 11, 2021 at 7:02 PM CST
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MARSHALL, Texas (KLTV) - Marshall police have confirmed that the shooting early last Saturday morning in Marshall that left six people injured happened in and around a building. And the fire marshal is also involved in investigating if that building was up to code and properly permitted for an event.

The building in the 500 block of South Alamo Boulevard is marked with a banner saying Salon Medina No. 2 Special Events and is where a shooting occurred according to Marshall police. Marshall Fire Marshal Scott Barmore said it was built for something else.

“The building was originally one type of occupancy such as a mechanic’s shop. It was one type of business, but it was not permitted or has a certificate of occupancy to be an assembly occupancy or a venue,” Barmore said.

Barmore said building codes vary depending on when they were built, but if a business is going from say, an office to a party venue, there are things that must change.

“Supposed to have exit signs, exit lighting, fire extinguishers, and proper door devices, as far as how doors open and which way they swing: outward,” Barmore said.

The reason makes sense if you think about it.

“If you had one person go up to that door and before they were able to pull that door inward, you get a stack of people that comes up behind them, it can cause them all to run up there and shut the door,” Barmore said.

He added people inside can become trapped.

The door at Medina Special Events looks to open inwardly, and it appears that one side of the double doors has been bent outwardly at some point. A sign on the door from the Marshall Fire Department placed there on November 10 states, “Operations shall stop and remain unoccupied until the proper permits and life safety hazards have been repaired and approved.”.

“A venue would require a certificate of occupancy to be able to open its doors or to be up and running as far as a business goes. And then to rent it out for special events would require a special-use permit,” Barmore said.

Barmore said all venues in Marshall have the same requirements.

The shooting incident remains under investigation. Marshall police say the event where the shooting took place appeared to have been attended by about 200 people, and none of the victims have died because of their wounds.

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