High school military marching bands strut their stuff at Pine Tree stadium

Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 1:08 AM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - We all enjoy a half time band at a football game. Well, there was a whole lot of enjoyment in Longview as about sixty high school bands were strutting their stuff at Pine Tree Stadium over the last two days at the 2021 State Military Marching Band Championships.

The rules for the bands, and the crowd are pretty tight at a National Association of Military Marching Bands state competition, according to Lee Branson, Director of Fine Arts at Pine Tree.

“Etiquette is really important. We make sure we close off the stands, or the entrance of the stands, silence cell phones, while the bands are competing,” Branson said.

That’s so performers and judges can concentrate, and performer’s moms like Jana Coulter.

“Oh, it is very important for me and her for many reasons. One because Mr. Dock has worked super hard. He’s brought these kids a long way. They absolutely deserve to be here. The students have worked triple hard getting here, and also seeing our band here at state is amazing in many ways,” Coulter said.

I’m thinking she just might be proud of the Diboll band, and her daughter Hannah Jones, a ninth-grade clarinet player.

“We’ve never been to state before, so we’re making history; since like the eighties, 1980′s, and our school’s really supportive and it kind of makes me proud to be with an organization like them,” Jones said.

And the hard part?

“For me I think It’s trying to hit the yard lines exactly, and keep in line with everybody and turning really well, but at the same time also keeping your breath,” Jones said.

Wow. Just trying to say that would make me winded. Surprisingly there was some military in the crowd, a couple Army Recruiters, one named Torres who was impressed.

“I love it. These kids are really talented. They’re doing great. But I’m not allowed to talk to you,” Torres said.

Well, he has his marching orders, just like most everyone else.

Pine Tree ISD says since the stadium is state of the art and Longview is easy to find the competition may be back at Pine Tree Stadium next year. It brings several thousand people into town from across the state.

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