East Texans have reason to root for the Braves in World Series showdown with Astros

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 2:31 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An Atlanta Braves win in the World Series would be just fine for the Minter family of Tyler.

Danny and Brenda Minter have been all over the United States the past few weeks, living out of hotel rooms and enjoying ball park concessions as they cheer for their son A.J.

A.J. Minter is a relief pitcher for the Braves and a Brook Hill alum.

“This is what you hope for that when they start at a young age they will make it to the world Series one day,” Danny said.

Minter was a key part of Brook Hill’s 2012 state baseball championship. He then went on to play at Texas A&M before making it to Major League Baseball. His career has been up and down due to some injuries. Earlier this season Minter was sent to Triple A ball but bounced back and now is a key pitcher out of the bullpen. Minter might be more Texan is his attitude than some Astros players. When he loaded onto the team bus in Atlanta to make the trip to Houston for game 1, he wore his Cowboy boots and Cowboy hat. To his family that is just A.J. being A.J.

“I just love it,” Brenda said. “It could not have happened to a better person. Anyone who knows AJ knows he is just a good... I say boy but he’s a man now. He is humble and kind.”

The life of baseball parents never stops even if you kid grows up out of youth leagues and into a professional play. Danny was A.J.’s coach in youth and travel baseball and will sometimes give him advice on what he should through. The two talk on a daily basis.

“When we talk before game 1, I will tell him to just to treat it like any other game. They are going to hand him the ball and his job is to go out there and throw strikes and to throw as long as he can and as hard as he can. That is his mentality. That is all I am going to tell him.”

No matter the outcome for the Braves, the Minter family will be heading back home to Tyler at the end of the season for some rest and relaxation from the long playoff road. A.J. will be home in Tyler not too long after that and will walk into a house with a familiar smell of his favorite meal.

“He did tell me two weeks ago, ‘Mom I am tired, I am ready to come home and you cook me some deer steak,’ Brenda said. “That will be the first thing I do when he comes home.”

Games 1 and 2 will be in Houston Tuesday and Wednesday. Games 3-5 will be in Atlanta Friday - Saturday. If a game six or seven is needed they will be back in Houston next Tuesday, November 2.

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