Tire, Ewaste Collection day helps to reduce illegal dumping in Angelina County

Published: Oct. 23, 2021 at 6:19 PM CDT
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LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) -Over 200 people gathered Saturday to dispose of materials like old tires, electronics, and oil at Lufkin Public Works Recycling. Executive director of Angelina Beautiful Clean Emily Thornton said the need for events like this is growing, with people coming by Saturday with cars full of items.

“Something that people don’t necessarily know is that tires and E waste are considered hazardous material. They need to be disposed of properly. They don’t need to be sitting in your backyard, they don’t need to be sitting in your garage,” Thornton said.

Kent Havard the director of solid waste and recycling says illegal dumping is a huge problem in Angelina and surrounding counties, but events like this make a tremendous impact.

“It’s a major problem. You know we have a litter crew that we send out weekly here that picks up litter all over the city and we get calls all the time from people hey somebody’s illegally dumped at the end of my road,” Havard said.

Illegal dumping is harmful to the community for many reasons.

“The pollution is one thing, you know the sight of it when you drive by and see old tires or just when somebody’s thrown out a bunch of old junk illegally it just makes everything look bad, everybody likes for their community to look good,” Havard said.

Thornton said many people resort to illegal dumping because they do not know where else to turn, not knowing the disastrous effect their actions leave.

“If they seep into the groundwater they can be really harmful to animals even to us, so that’s something that people don’t necessarily consider when they let these items sit in the back,” Thornton said.

If you missed Saturday’s event and need to dispose of old tires or electronics... Angelina county waste management center is available to take these items for a fee. Angelina Beautiful Clean recommends people look out for more events on their website.

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