Vista College student says she can’t transfer credits

Vista College doors are locked in Longview
Vista College doors are locked in Longview(KLTV)
Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 6:00 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - The Vista College campus in Longview notified students they were shutting down on Oct. 8, leaving students with unfinished courses. One student says she is unable to transfer earned credits, and is out grant money that she says was supposed to go to her, but it went directly to the school.

Savannah Jackson is one of many students who received an email a week ago saying Vista College was closing its business for financial reasons. She was studying to be a medical assistant and while the school was open, was trying to find out why her grants weren’t going directly to her.

“I started trying to get through to corporate and financial aid to find out where exactly where my checks were going to; that I was supposed to be funded for school,” Jackson said. “After all that’s what financial aid is for and they couldn’t give me an answer and still wanted me paying payments on school.”

She says she did not make extra payments to Vista.

“They were asking for payments every month, and you’d be threatened to be kicked out of school if you did not make that payment,” Jackson said.

She says they never did kick her out, but they did kick everyone out on Oct. 8.

“When the school shut down there was no warning. Nothing,” Jackson said. “We had just finished finals that week and were supposed to be on to the next class and everything got shut down.”

Savannah says she wants everyone to know what happened with Vista College.

“Like right now I can’t even get my transcripts or anything to transfer schools,” Jackson said.

Another student came by and checked the doors. They were locked.

“Even other colleges that are trying to help, they can’t do anything without our information,” Jackson said. “They have my Social Security card, my high school diploma, my transcripts, my GPA scores; everything.”

Calls to the Longview campus went unanswered, as did a message left at the main campus in El Paso.

“All this hard work gone down the drain,” Jackson said.

And she says her laptop is locked up in the building.

Two Beaumont Attorneys have filed a $1 million lawsuit against Vista College on behalf of one student but are asking for class action status for the more than 3,000 students who attended the school.

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