Pineywoods Fair in Nacogdoches busy with rides, animals and kiddos

Wednesday is opening day for the Piney Woods Fair in Nacogdoches and guests can take advantage...
Wednesday is opening day for the Piney Woods Fair in Nacogdoches and guests can take advantage of a special offer during KTRE Night.
Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 4:09 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Wednesday, patrons of the Pineywoods Fair in Nacogdoches started off five days of entertainment with ‘KTRE Night’.

Ride-a-mania was the attraction with an unlimited ride armband for $25.

Another favorite, are the animals and the kids.

An unnamed market barrow, (it’s easier to say goodbye when the time comes) reluctantly enters the Pineywoods Fair.

He’s just one of the many animals at the fair up for show and auction during the coming days.

“We have 52 market rabbits showing and we have 20-something breeder rabbits,” listed John Derrick, fair committee vice-president. “We have about 45 pens of chickens and around 50 head of hogs. And about 50 head of goats and lambs.”

And beef heifers are also judged.

Each project impacts an entire family. And makes Woden mom, Lacey Parmer, wear a t-shirt expressing she can’t keep calm. It’s fair week.

“I’ve got a senior and freshman this year. My daughter is taking her SAT right now and this will be her last year, said Parmer, agreeing her daughter deserves a little help.

Ag mechanic projects don’t require any early morning feedings, but there is still lots of work for Garrison ag mechanics.

It happens, with lots of help from their teacher, Shane Vance, who knows the Pineywoods Fair offers opportunities to his students.

“There are lots of businesses that bid on these projects at three o’clock Saturday and they come by and want to know who built that. And a lot of these students get jobs or different opportunities they might not have if they didn’t come down here and show these projects.”

The last year has been challenging for all students. Despite it all, goals were met by these Pineywoods Fair participants. Community support come sale day will make the payoff that much sweeter.

The animal premium sale is Sunday beginning at six. A complete Pineywoods Fair schedule can be found at

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