Grimes County toddler missing for 4 days finally comes home

Christopher Ramirez went missing on Wednesday, Oct. 6
Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 3:20 PM CDT
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PLANTERSVILLE, Texas (KBTX) - Three-year-old Christopher Ramirez went missing for four days after chasing a family dog into the woods Wednesday afternoon. After a nonstop search, crews were finally called out to a section of woods near the 7700 block of FM 1486 where the child was found alive. He was five miles away from his home, according to Grimes County authorities.

Monday afternoon Christopher was able to leave the hospital return home, after having been gone for five days. Sheriff’s deputies, police, firefighters and others involved in the search for the toddler all escorted him home.

After being reunited with his mother, Christopher was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands. The Grimes County Sheriff’s Office said at that time he was tired, dehydrated and hungry, but in good spirits and overall healthy. Once home, his mother, Araceli Nunez, spoke to the public showing her gratitude for the people who never stopped looking for her son.

“La gloria es para Dios,” Nunez said as she addressed the media and the public.

She expressed her thanks for all the law enforcement and search agencies that worked around the clock to bring her son back to her.

Deputy Martha Smith, who worked closely with Nunez over the last five days, said when she was going to tell Nunez on Saturday morning that there were no new developments in the search for Christopher, Nunez still had hope that her son would soon be brought back to her.

“[Nunez] looked at me and I felt that maybe she saw in my eyes there was no good news. And she told me not to worry about it. She said ‘don’t worry about it, you’re going to tell me in a little bit that they found him. And we’re going to go get my boy,’” said Smith.

“There are no words to describe what I felt in that moment,” said Nunez when she recalled being reunited with her child. “It was incredible. I just wanted to grab him and hug him.”

After learning that Christopher was very interested in police officers, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell had a present for Christopher.

“It’s my honor to pin him with a Junior Deputy badge,” said Sowell. “After all this, he’s passed his survival test. He could be an army ranger, a Navy Seal, a police officer, whatever he wants.”

Sowell says a guardian angel was looking over Christopher.

“I’ve been in law enforcement a long time, 53 combined years, and I’ve never seen anything this big in all my tours of a search without much information,” Sowell said.

Among the crowd was also the man who found Christopher, Tim Halfin. He says he went to bible study on Friday night where he was inspired by God to search for Christopher the next morning. After hearing a noise in the woods that sounded like it was coming from a human, Halfin called the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office. It was after search and rescue teams arrived that Halfin came across Christopher in the dense brush of the forest and pulled him out.

“It was overwhelming. At first you think, ‘Is this a dream?’ And then I realized, no that’s a little boy there. That’s him,” Halfin said. “I wasn’t sure so sure they could even hear me yelling. I was yelling as loud as I could. ‘I found him! I found him!’”

In the arms of his mother and surrounded by the people who refused to give up hope, Christopher finally went home.

“It is definitely a miracle,” said Nunez.

Regarding the investigation, Sowell says there is still no evidence indicating Ramirez was abducted at any point while he was missing. The boy was found naked, and authorities are continuing to search for his clothes. While it remains an open case, Sowell says investigators are wrapping up all aspects.

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