Smith County judge sentences man to life in prison for sexually assaulting blind woman

Steven Charles Hill, 61, of Waxahachie sentenced to life.
Steven Charles Hill, 61, of Waxahachie sentenced to life.(Smith County Sheriff's Office)
Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 10:26 AM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - A 61-year-old Waxahachie man received a life sentence on Tuesday morning following a sentencing hearing in the 7th District Court in Tyler.

Steven Charles Hill, 61, of Waxahachie was found guilty of sexually assaulting an 81-year-old blind woman by a jury of twelve and was sentenced by Judge Kerry L. Russell to a life sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice System.

Hill, of Waxahachie was arrested on Dec. 26, 2019, for the assault stated an official report.

In court Tuesday morning the state argued that Hill was a dangerous individual with 25 past convictions, 16 of the prior being felony convictions, and nine misdemeanor convictions. The state’s attorney argued that although he had so many prior incidents, that this crime overshadows all his other crimes.

The state’s attorney also addressed the fact that Hill even after being convicted by a jury of his peers, that he still continued to mitigate his actions stating that he and the victim had an ongoing sexual relationship for years. The state’s rebuttal was that the relationship between Hill and the victim was never proved in court.

Another issue that the state’s attorney brought forth to prove that Hill was a danger and menace to society was Hill’s answer to the question about sexual abuse to a child.

Hill stated to the courts that it was an active effort to resist sexual urges towards children.

After that, the state’s attorney reminded the court of Hills statement about children and reminded the court of the emotional testimony from the victim who was 81-years-old and blind at the time of the offense.

The state recommended that Hill be sent to prison for life.

After the recommendation of the state, the defense attorney asked the judge to try Hill for his crime today and not his past record and asked that Hill receive a minimum of 25 years instead of life in prison due to the fact that it will end up being a life sentence since Hill was 61 years old.

After hearing the state and defense argument, Judge Kerry Russell agreed with the state that Hill would receive a life sentence.

“The court agrees with the state’s argument, and to this date, this is the worst criminal record the court has ever seen”, Russell said.

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