Marion County residents asked to ‘Adopt-a-Cop’

Jefferson Police Officer Mary Ayala
Jefferson Police Officer Mary Ayala
Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 1:24 PM CDT
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JEFFERSON, Texas (KLTV) - The 19th Annual Vintage Motocross is taking place in Jefferson this weekend, and they kicked it off with a new event to help out Marion County law enforcement.

Motocross riders and others took part in a Dual Sport Adventure Run to raise awareness for the Jefferson Adopt-a-Cop program.

Becoming a member of law enforcement in a small community can be expensive for a new recruit, so Diamond Don Rainey thought they’d have a motorcycle run at his Vintage Motocross event in honor of the Jefferson Adopt-a-Cop program.

“We support the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, and the local Jefferson Police department. This helps them with their gear and everything,” Rainey said.

Small departments generally don’t supply a new recruit’s equipment, according to Officer Mary Ayala who’s been a Jefferson Police Officer about five months.

“Officers have to provide most of the equipment and at that time I just didn’t have the means to do so. But I wanted to serve my community, I wanted to be a police officer,” Ayala said.

Suddenly there was a helping hand.

“Adopt-A-Cop came along and said, you know, we will support you with what the city is unable to provide,” Ayala said.

And she hopes the motorcycle ride helps spread the word about the program so officers can get the very best equipment.

“This is not a job that you want cheap equipment. You want very high quality equipment so you can serve your community the best way possible,” Ayala said.

Jefferson Police Chief Florentino Perez says the program will be getting non-profit status.

“Jefferson Adopt-A-Cop is working on completing its 501 C3 rating so that can help with tax deductions and things like that, But it’s a good program. It really is,” Perez said.

So, for Mary, the program provided:

“Everything on my duty belt, my baton; any and all the tools I need to perform my job,” Ayala said.

“Are you going to learn to ride a motorcycle? I asked her.

“Hopefully. One day. I would take on the challenge,” Ayala laughed.

The Jefferson Adopt-A-Cop program has only been around six months, but they hope to help outfit many more new recruits in Marion County. The gear they need runs about 1200 dollars.

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