Central Texas woman with mold problem in her apartment turns to social media

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 7:17 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX)-- A Waco woman took to Facebook Live to show her apartment covered in mold.

Kinyada Simpson says she’s lived in her apartment at The Villages on North 6th Street in Waco for two years.

She said early on she began noticing mild mold and other issues.

But now, she says, the issues have worsened with mold covering every area of her apartment.

Her ceiling fan, her couch, her children’s sippy cups all painted with mold.

Simpson said she suspects the mold issue began after a leak from the unit above hers caused the ceiling in her bathroom to collapse.

“You could see nothing but mold on the wood. So, they didn’t clean the wood, they didn’t bring no fresh wood,” Simpson said.

“It started having a weird smell in here and my baby’s asthma started messing with her.”

Simpson and her children stopped living in the apartment and stopped paying the rent.

She said while they were away the mold got worse.

Management at the apartment has an alternate explanation for the mold.

They said they found a hot shower left running while no one was in Simpson’s unit.

They said police are investigating.

However, the mold issue is not restricted to Simpson’s unit.

Other tenants invited KWTX into their units and while the situation wasn’t as severe as in Simpson’s unit, there was mold present along the walls.

Apartment manager Michele Folino said management was unaware of mold issues in any other units.

Although one of the units KWTX visited had walls ripped out specifically to address a mold issue.

We have not been notified of any active mold issues however if we are made aware of a potential mold issue our practice is to follow up and correct this issue immediately,” Folino said in a statement to KWTX.

Managers said they have not filed any eviction paperwork against Simpson, but her lease is expired, and she has been asked to move out.

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