A Better East Texas: Independence Day

Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 2:42 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - I saw a social media post recently that stated – Americans should love their country as much as Texans love their state.

You can buy t-shirts and other swag with versions of that saying on it. And if you are from Texas, it usually puts a smile on your face. But it also is a statement on the condition of many in our nation.

Each year when Independence Day rolls around, I pause and reflect on where our country is, how far it has come so quickly in 245 years, which in world history terms is not very long, and we see that there is still progress to be made. But over that 245 years, the one constant is that people that were change agents, respected the pulpit they had to work with and the freedoms that were unique in that pulpit, that is called America.

Now, recently, we see so many people protesting America for our history, which is certainly not perfect, but it many times is not the America we are today. And you see people turning their backs on, spitting on, even burning the symbols that afford them the freedoms to express themselves. The symbols are not perfect, they are young by worldly standards, but so many have sacrificed for a greater good in those symbols.

So, when I encounter the saying about Texans loving Texas, I am strengthened in the fact that our state is worthy of it and am reminded that America is loved as well, she deserves it.

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