Terrence Murphy gives back to Chapel Hill

Terrence Murphy returned to Chapel Hill to help impart some life wisdom to the students...
Terrence Murphy returned to Chapel Hill to help impart some life wisdom to the students attending his football camp.
Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 9:59 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - When the Purcell Auditorium is filled up tonight to hear one of their own speak, the Chapel Hill student athletes attending the opening session of his football camp will hear how Terrence Murphy was a preemie, had seizures until he was around six years old, and was told he couldn’t play wide receiver at Texas A&M since he hadn’t played it before.

Murphy played QB at Chapel hill, so he overcame many obstacles and the message he wants his impressionable to understand from his football finance and faith camp is.

Most mistakenly think all professional athletes are rich. And while that is often true, just as many do not have money. Murphy brings home the point that even the common man can understand.

“That financial literacy is impactful for all of us. No matter who you are you can have a PhD but you still need financial literacy. But I was saying education which I have an amazing education from Texas A&M University, and financial literacy are two different things,” Murphy said. “And that’s when you see people who have great degrees and run great businesses but they don’t have good money management try to get them to understand that’s important no matter where you go in life.”

This is Murphy’s first camp, and with Chapel Hill coach Jeff Riordan they’ve teamed up to help spread the message of positivity Reardon was approached by Murphy and it was a match that connected. And having a former high-profile athlete talk to your hometown athletes goes a long way if you’re a coach.

“It gives us some clout for sure with a young generation when I Terrence Murphy comes here and has some D1 college experience was a record setter at Texas A&M he went to Green Bay was roommate with Aaron Rodgers do you know he definitely has some clout with kids. So for him to say things that we say to them every day it’s just gonna resound loudly with them,” Riordan said.

This afternoon the program set up, where young listeners will soak up on life after sports, which will always happen, Murphy’s goal is to make sure the kids soak up , absorb what he’s laying out this being a fast paced, want it now society

“When you have access to someone because the thing, I’ve learned now is access information into people. And when you have access to the people, I’m going to be bringing to my community they are flying from all over the world to come to be a part of this event, slow down pay attention stop looking at your cell phone and listen to the information that are giving you,” Murphy said.

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