Twins, Christian & Chloe, hopeful for family who will keep them together

Christian gives his sister a surprise hug while they pose for a picture.
Christian gives his sister a surprise hug while they pose for a picture.(Source: Erika Bazaldua KLTV)
Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 6:23 AM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Christian and Chloe are each other’s first best friends and favorite competition.

“She knows I’m better than her,” Christian said as he joked with his sister about who was the better singer and rapper. “Nowhere near me. Not on my level!”

We asked Chloe if her brother’s boasting had any truth to it. She gave us a laugh paired with an eye-roll, “no.”

While the twins are identical, they do have similar creative passions.

“I’m acting and singing like I never did before, said Christian as he described his love for the stage and theater.

“I like to sing, I like to dance... I love to draw,” Chloe followed.

Creativity helps this pair escape into a world outside their own. As children in foster care, they dream of having a lot more for their family life in the future.

“I want a family that’s just going to be there for me, “ Chloe shared with us. “Because foster care... I don’t like going place to place. I just want to be stable, in one place.

As for Christian, he said, “a family that loves me, a family that helps me and a family that doesn’t abandon me.”

When you see these two together, there’s no doubt they deserve to find the same family. That’s exactly what they hope for from their forever family.

They want a family to love them just as much as they love each other.

To learn more about Christian and Chloe, click here, to view her profile and caseworker contact information on the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange. TARE ID: 83741

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