No Days Off: Aggie swimmers preparing for Olympic Trials

Texas A&M's Chloe Stepanek trains for the U.S. Olympic Trials.
Texas A&M's Chloe Stepanek trains for the U.S. Olympic Trials.(KBTX)
Updated: May. 31, 2021 at 5:44 PM CDT
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BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - While most people are with family and friends on Memorial Day, there are no days off for a group of Aggie swimmers who are preparing for the upcoming U.S. Olympic Trials.

On Monday morning, you could find Aggies Shaine Casas, Bethany Galat (A&M graduate), Chloe Stepanek, and others where they are most days at the Rec Center Natatorium. The Aggies were hard at work as they hope to represent Team USA this summer in Tokyo.

Stepanek has performed well at big meets in the past and knows it’s all about the preparation leading up to the competition.

”We train pretty much every day,” Stepanek said. “Holidays. We were in here New Years Day training, New Years Eve, training. When I go home on Christmas Eve I’m doing a practice. There are not really any breaks, but it’s in order for us to get better and keep pushing hard. Yea it stinks somedays and you’re like, man I wish I could have a day off and spend time with my friends or family if they’re doing a bunch of things. But the bottom line is I know later when you go to these kinds of meets, for example, the NCAAs, when I would swim with my team and I was getting these best times, that’s when you realize all those days you put in the hard work, those are the moments where you realize it was so much worth it and that’s what keeps you going,” Stepanek added.

Wave 1 of the U.S. Olympic Trials begins this Friday with wave 2 on June 13th. Both meets will be in Omaha, Nebraska. The top 2 swimmers are already in wave 2. The swimmers who have not qualified for wave 2, but have the time standard are in wave 1. The top 2 swimmers in each event after wave 1 will qualify for wave 2.

Aggies in Wave 1:


Kylie Powers

Kara Eisenmann

Alaya Smith

Camryn Toney


Alex Sanchez

Ethan Gogulski

Jace Brown

Jacob Schababerle

Steven Richardson (postgrad)

Jake Gibbons (postgrad)

Mike Thibert (postgrad)

Aggies in Wave 2:


Chloe Stepanek

Caroline Thiel

Taylor Pike

Bethany Galat (postgrad)


Shaine Casas

Brett Pinfold (postgrad)

Adam Koster (postgrad)

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